1. General.
    1. The site works through «Автовокзал-Сеть" (hereinafter system), which serves a network of servers, bus stations and carriers.
    2. Website (hereinafter site) serves external requests to the system to order and sale tickets.
    3. The result of site work is travel voucher (ticket details printed on the voucher).
    4. Registration in the system.
      • Confirmation code. Before making pre-paid of the ticket user is sent a confirmation code to specified email to verify it. This code is a client identifier and its current order. Using this code you can check order status using "check order status» link on the main page.
    5. Work e-mail.
      • PE "eTicket" company controls only their servers. Every e-mail sent to is followed by delivery confirmation letter. Date and time of receiving confirmation is date and time of its processing.
      • User is responsible for e-mail address correctness.
  2. Fees and Payments.
    1. Ticket price. Tickets price is based on tariffs and rules force in the system at the time of reservation and prepayment.
    2. Web site service fee.
      • Service fee of the site for reservation ant prepayment is based on 8,73% of the ticket price. Reservation fee is charged during pre-payment and not refundable in any case.
      • In case of ticket cancelation by passenger payment in 10 UAH is charged for each ticket in order.
  3. Seats reservations and prepayment.
    1. Searching a bus. To get the list of available buses user should to choose departure and arrival stations, departure date and seats quantity and press “Search buses” button.
    2. Choosing exact bus. In given list of available buses user must choose particular bus corresponding to his/her wishes and press “Buy” button.
    3. Enter passenger details. The successful result of free places check is next web-page where user must specify passenger info. In e-mail field user must enter valid and exist e-mail, where he/she has access. On this e-mail voucher will be delivered. Due to the fact that the ticket can be issued only to the person whose name is printed in voucher - the name mentioned in “Passenger #” field must be the name who will exchange voucher for a ticket. You can enter the same name, which will lead to the fact that all tickets will be exchanged by one person. After click "Confirm" to the specified e-mail will be sent a confirmation code which must be entered in the dialog box and then press "Submit". If code confirmation is successful user will be forwarded to the next page. In case of problems with confirmation code you can request an additional e-mail with confirmation code by clicking on "Send confirmation code again".
    4. Tickets details confirmation and terms and conditions agreement.
      • When user press confirmation button he/she confirm his/her agreement with terms and conditions of the site. User will be forwarded to a secure page of the bank where procedure of prepayment using bank card will be processed.
    5. Payment. Payment is processed on Bank enquiring servers and all response of such payments is response of the exact services chosen by user
    6. Receiving voucher. After successful payment user will receive voucher on his/her e-mail. Also voucher will be available to download on the main page by “Check order status” link using earlier confirmation code.
    7. Reservation and prepayment restrictions.
      • Prepayment operations are stopped in 4 hours before bus departure due to current schedule.
      • Generated order must be paid within 2 hours after confirmation. Orders not paid within that time, automatically canceled.
      • Change of voucher details (departure/arrival stations, time, date and seats) is prohibited after order confirmation by user. If payment has already been made, the payments are returned in accordance with paragraph 5. of these rules.
      • Latest date by which the possible operation, determined by the station server (or carrier server). This is usually not less than 15 days from current date.
      • No more than 5 seats are allowed in one order. The number of orders is not limited.
      • Additional restrictions on the number and amounts of transactions, as well as the time during which the payment is made may applied by payment system.
  4. Ticket registration.
    1. A typical procedure to register a ticket.
      • Voucher obtained with the help of the site and/or e-mail is not a ticket and did not give the right to board a bus. Only ticket is allowed to board a bus. Voucher must be exchanged (for free) for a ticket at departure station out of turn. Voucher exchanging is stopped in 5 minutes before bus departure.
      • The ticket can be issued only to the person whose name is mentioned in voucher. To exchange voucher to ticket passenger must provide ID document.
      • The cashier, checks voucher details, ID document of the passenger and prints ticket.
      • If during voucher check some of the data printed on the voucher is wrong including person name, surname, the cashier refuses to issue a ticket. Money in this case can be returned to the application user in accordance with paragraph 5.2. these regulations and in accordance with paragraph 136 of the document "Rules of the provision of road passenger transport services" (approved by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine from September 26, 2007 № 1184).
      • For the received ticket, the person who receives must sign voucher and confirm ticket receiving. 4.1.6. The cashier has no right to demand and receive any payment for exchange voucher.
    2. Additional carrier’s rules.
      • Carriers, on the basis of relevant agreements, have rights to issue their own tickets during boarding the bus (no registration at departure station is necessary). The list of such carrier, which provides such service can be published online and/or specified in the voucher.
      • The form of bus ticket issued to a passenger is regulated by the "Order of the Ministry of Transport and Communications of Ukraine from May 25, 2006 under the number 503" document.
      • The procedure of issuing a ticket directly to the bus is determined by the internal documents (instructions) of the carrier:
        • Verify the person who receives a ticket.
        • Obtain a receipt ticket delivery.
        • Register ticket for free.
  5. Refund.
    1. Refund can be provide on departure station based on the "Rules for the provision of road passenger transport services" (approved by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine from September 26, 2007 № 1184).
    2. If the ticket has not yet been issued, and customer / passenger can not personally address the deadline for its completion and / or return, then, as an exception, it is possible to refund using payment system (if this operation is supported by used payment system). The final decision about possibility to refund is taken by "PE "eTicket"" administration.
    3. The necessary conditions to refund using chosen payment system are:
      • the ticket has not yet been issued
      • less than 12 hours to bus departure
      • chosen payment system supports refund operation
      • refund query made accordantly to 5.2.2 of these rules.
    4. To refund using payment system customer should:
      • send refund query to The statement must contain:
        • clearly formulated request for order cancellation
        • the reason why customer/passenger cannot go to the cashier on departure station
        • Agreed with refund fee. The letter must be attached with voucher(s) received by customer. Senders e-mail must be the same as used to receive vouchers.
    5. Refund operations using payment systems is processed during weekdays from 11:00 to 20:00 (+2 - Kiev time zone). Requests received after hours are handled on the next working day.
  6. Disputes and their resolution procedure.
    1. In case of any troubles while using our service please send e-mail to . The letter should contain: the date and time of problem. Complaints without these details are not considered. Additionally, it is desirable to provide a contact phone number and name of contact person. If you have received details of the ticket and / or order number, you must specify them as well. Next, you need to describe the problem and specific requirements. Complaints received by e-mail are processed in 3 working days. The answer will be sent to the specified email.
    2. Disputes relating to the exchange of the tickets are considered by bus station (or carrier). PE "PE "eTicket"" cannot be held liable for incidents while exchanging tickets or making prepayment. Simultaneously, "PE "eTicket"" is interested in receiving information service quality.
    3. Disputes related to the work of payment system, which was selected by the user to pay for the order, is considered by relevant payment system. PE "eTicket" is not held liable for incidents that may occur upon prepayment of tickets using system.  Simultaneously, PE "eTicket" is interested in receiving information about the quality of the payment system, which was selected by the user for payment.