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It is no secret that the site gets more popular when its creators are not just "in the subject", but also on personal experience has repeatedly experienced the need for a specific product.

So we, the team of enthusiastic travelers, eager look in everyone, even a very remote corner of Ukraine, suffered the idea of creating a site wand with which it will be possible to find a route on the chaise buses to any interesting point of our country.

Carpathian mountains with waterfalls and blueberry meadows. Small picturesque village in western Ukraine. Net impregnated with salt air along the many lakes Arabatskaya arrows where around the village Small mushrooms grow on the road. Beautiful nature along the Seversky Donets River in the Kharkiv region. In every region of Ukraine there is a beautiful place, but which can be reached only reseeding on local buses.

As is known, the most vivid impressions we get when we travel "savages" and not on the ticket, travel agent. One of the organizational aspects of such visits is to develop routes and buy a bus ticket.

We have experienced firsthand that the bus takes you to any settlement, if not by direct flights, then with transfers. Now we will explore new places, not walking on the road trodden by thousands of travelers, and choosing and building their routes.

And now you have the chance. Whatsoever city was the starting point: Kiev, Kharkov, Uzhgorod, Odessa and Lviv, you can get anywhere and get there by bus Gunsel, Autolux or a private local company.

Site solves another problem. In small communities, bus tickets are usually sold out in advance. If you - a group of travelers, you risk upon arrival at the staging post to leave part of the group without tickets or hinder expedition waiting for the next bus.

On our site you can buy online tickets for all the buses of any route. We accept all cards Ukrainian banks. You do not have to stand in line at the ticket office at the bus station. Will only enjoy the journey. What we wish to you. Godspeed and vivid impressions!