Public offer

service delivery system "Автовокзал Сеть" / Chernivtsi city

PE "eTicket", hereinafter the CONTRACTOR, which operates under contract with "VPI-SERVICE" is publish a public offer to provide services of bus ticket prepayment, as follows:

    1. Subject of the agreement
      1. CONTRACTOR with WEB interface provides access to "Автовокзал Сеть" to execute prepayment of bus tickets. Customer Service is a legal entity or natural person who orders the Service for its own needs, has agreed to the terms of this Agreement and the rules to use WEB interface, as well as the pay service.
        The terms of this Agreement are the same for all customers.


    1. Prices and Payment
      1. Customer pays 100% as prepayment using payment systems (VISA, MasterCard) using the web interface in accordance with payment systems rues and rates of CONTRACTOR. At the same time paid ticket price is transited to carrier (bus station).
      2. The service is considered paid when CONTRACTOR receives bank transaction confirmation that the corresponding sum has been withdrawn from the bank card.
      3. In case of ticket cancelation by the customer all refunds are paid at departure station due to "Rules for the provision of road passenger transport services" (approved by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine from September 26, 2007 № 1184) document and additional penalties are taken from customer.
      4. In case of voucher cancelation (before exchange voucher to tickets has been received and not less than 12 hours before departure) refunds may be provided using chosen payment systems.


    1. Rights and obligations of the parties
      1. The Contractor shall:
        • Provide services due to terms and conditions of this Agreement, "Rules of using ‘Bus-Network ’ WEB-interface system ".
          Provide an opportunity for payments using bank enquiry systems with which CONTRACTOR has signed corresponding contracts.
          Provide advice to Customer while using Service.
          Maintain the confidentiality of Customer's information, obtained from them during the registration, except for cases envisaged by legislation of Ukraine.
          Report Customer about all technical and maintenance works, which lead to the suspension of Services.
      2. Contractor shall have the right to:
        • Suspend provision of services in case of necessary technical and maintenance work.
          Change terms and conditions of this Agreement, cost of the Service, without the consent of the CUSTOMER, while ensuring that the publication of the amended terms on the Site.
      3. The Customer shall:
        • Comply with the terms and conditions of this Agreement.
      4. The Customer may:
        • Require and receive Service from CONTRACTOR due to the terms of this Agreement.


    1. Liability and dispute resolution
      1. The quality internet connection to website is outside CONTRACTOR responsibility of any parts.
      2. Each Party is responsible for the consequences of their activity or inactivity, which led confidential information to be public.
      3. The customer is responsible for saving confidentiality of their data, including order code and voucher information. All actions by using order code are carried out by the Customer personally.
      4. All the controversial issues associated with obtaining the Customer Services shall be settled by the Parties to the identity of the Customer specified during registration and ordering.
      5. Responsibility for voucher exchange at the bus station is taken by Customer.
      6. Customer must provide ID document while doing voucher exchange operation.
      7. All disputes that may arise concerning this Agreement or in connection with its performance - are resolved through negotiation. Pre-trial procedure for dispute resolution is required.
      8. All the controversial issues are addressed with a written statement submitted by mail or fax.
      9. If the Parties fail to reach agreement on disputed issues through negotiation within 30 calendar days, the issues to be settled in accordance with the Ukraine law.
      10. On all matters not covered in the text of this Agreement shall be governed by current legislation of Ukraine.


  1. Other terms and conditions
    1. This Agreement is made from the time of payment the customer's services.
    2. When making changes to this Agreement, suspending, terminating his actions CONTRACTOR shall publish a statement about it on the site within 10 calendar days before the relevant date. At the same time the Contractor is obliged to provide all customer service which they were paid for.